Consider respect

In response to jimzbund’s “Nothing is sacred?” and the many who left comments: Thank you for the vigorous debate! Here are some of my thoughts:

* Refrain from using vulgarity or aggressive, threatening language. SOMETIMES we cannot avoid using a four-letter word here and there, and obviously many posts on this site can make enrage one group or another. But the purpose here is to have a dialogue among ourselves. WE THE PEOPLE. And WE come in various colors and beliefs. We must learn to COMMUNICATE our views without trashing everything about another human being that simply has a different view than ours.

* Instead of attacking authors, tackle the issues presented in their writings.

* You cannot call authors or posters mercenaries, agents of the CIA or the IRI or whatever. Be more imaginative.

* Don’t take a detour to Karbala! Stick to the topic of the page.

* Do not copy-paste entire articles as comments. Instead please give the title, author, source and the link of the article you want people to read.

These are all general guidelines. Sometimes harsh, vulgar, threatening, stupid, racist comments do get published. But these are only exceptions.

There are no absolute rules for moderating comments. Editors are all human and they have to make subjective decisions.

We are all doing our best to preserve an atmosphere that encourages civil debate and discussion.

Those of you who got deleted or edited, I’m sorry. I may go too far sometimes. I know I do. But this is a two-way street. You should also look at some of your comments and rethink the way you respond to your opponents or just other human beings.

Let’s each of us try to be the bigger, better person. Let’s show respect.

Che meedoonam… I really don’t have the answer.


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