China Disproves the Theory

Here’s the Theory:

If you can’t get a third world country to adopt Democracy, at least get them hooked on Capitalism. Once they get a taste of free markets, they’ll eventually come around! No, really.

Here’s the Problem with this Theory:

Without a Democracy to keep an eye on Capitalism. Unfettered Capitalism, especially in the hands of a habitually oppressive regime, runs amok in blatant corruption, now emboldened with the financial power to continue.

Recently this has become all too apparent, as levels of obscene corruption and greed spreads across China faster than a SARS virus in one of their grey Soviet designed apartment buildings. It is equally ironic that none other than the Olympics, the latest international symbol of global Capitalist corruption, greed, graft and gluttony (Is that five? Let’s see, one for each ring, yep that’s it!), exposes the Chinese Emperor’s clothes the West continually pretends to see.

China’s voracious appetite has absolutely nothing to do with any sign of a master Chinese development plan, as much as it has to do with, this is what you get when you indenture the workforce, bypass every single labor law, environmental law, and worse of all, make small useless consumer goods for WalMart using dangerous chemicals.

Chinese businessman? An oxymoron. Any third world factory-lord given a contract to produce cheap lead paint laden plastic crap for America can make millions in China today. Billions actually. American and other Western business, eager to bypass any and all rules they have to abide by in their own countries, rush to exploit the Chinese government and it’s docile population, knowing it to be the last great frontier of profits and sweetly unaccountable consequences.

What many didn’t count on was that China needs a place to park all those LC’s and petrodollars. Namely US Treasury bonds, which precariously funds the US government debt that Goerge Bush has so effortlessly built up with a strangely un-conservative and un-Republican-like fiscal policy. Now the Chinese not only have fuller control of their people, but now financial control and leverage in the US to ensure they continue to stay in oppressive power. Look how relatively weak the support for the Tibetans has been. Look at how wimpy and capitulating the Dalai Lama has been sounding. Now no one dares speak out against the Chinese. Only the Chinese would send out the Olympic flame complete with Secret Police escort. They want names.

Western businessmen responsible for turning China “On”, oblivious and too busy counting their commissions on sales to WalMart to care, march the eager Chinese like the lemmings they are destined to become, towards the cliff of accountability as the clock ticks towards their and our impending doom. Maybe. The planet has still not weighed in on what will happen.

Noticeably or maybe unnoticeably since the recently funded Al Gore rarely mentions it publicly, above all of this is the great Global Warming impact China may be on course to bestow upon all of us. Estimates agree that, in automobile emission growth alone, China will reproduce in the next 10 -15 years the equivalent pollution output that the entire Western world produced since the Industrial Revolution during the past 180 years! Approximately.

But that is just from China’s expected use of cars. When you add the unregulated factory smokestacks, and the 5 brand new coal fired (not Mr. Bush’s clean versions) power plants that China brings on-line every month, you can see that this entire piece is nothing more than a clever stock tip. Meaning, invest every dime you’ve got in sunscreen lotion, because according to climatologists of the Global Warming persuasion, it’s going to get a lot warmer.

Already today, high altitude particle measuring devices have detected pollution from China’s “Revolution”, over Los Angeles! To paraphrase a famous African-American poet, “[WalMart’s] chickens have come home to roost- God Damn [WalMart]!”

The only thing that might be poetic justice in any of this, is that precisely what has enabled China to achieve this kind of global disaster economy of scale so quickly, might bring it to a screeching halt, hopefully in time for the planet to adjust to the human-flea infestation spreading her dermatological sores. It’s massive population. Starved for the conveniences the West has enjoyed for over a century, every Chinese is starting to demand and beginning to afford, to buy a refrigerator, a TV, and a car. They already have cellphones.

Smog is already threatening to impact the athletes’ performance during this summer’s Olympics. The Chinese arrogantly avoid any discussion on public growth infrastructure projects, because frankly, there’s no profit in it. One wonders what will happen when all the cars the Chinese want to drive, create the almost certain gridlock on their small skyscraper lined streets. Maybe that is Mother Earth’s plan for sweet retribution.

All of this out of control growth and greed is affecting the global economy. An American made fashion-friendly T-shirt costs about $1 to make, but the same shirt can be made in China for about 4 cents. Same cool acid washed design, and label. The only difference is that in China they use real acid, and the label is usually a fake one. Isn’t is amazing what not adhering to environmental, labor safety, and copyright laws can achieve! The industrialist pigs in China and the West at the helm of this truly Titanic phenomenon, must simply marvel at how good Capitalism can be! As Borat would say, “Great Success!”

So, this summer, as we all sit in denial as to why it seems hotter this summer, on the couch sweating with the AC set to high, and watch Bob Costas report the “Magic of the Olympics” in 1080i High Definition on our too hot to touch flat screen TVs, maybe the world will finally get sufficient resolution to see how how polluted China really is, and see the true expression of Chinese people forcing those practiced smiles to hide behind yet more orchestrated and controlled public presentations, built, designed, and crafted for “consumption” by the equally deluded West.

And who knows, maybe we will see a Chinese athlete from Tibet make a statement or a point that we all seem too oblivious to get.

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