The Mocking Birds

British guys singing on the sidewalk on Castro Street trying to make a buck on Gay Pride parade day in San Francisco yesterday. I asked one of them what’s the name of their band. He said “Mocking Birds”. I think he was mocking me :o)

I recorded a couple of other songs they did. They were really fun sing-alongs. to me, that’s music… there should be a melody, there should be something you can sing-along to, some rhythm…

They had a hat in front of them for donations. I only had a 20 dollar bill. I asked one of them to take it and give me back $15 in change. He thanked me and dug into the hat for change. He started counting and gave me some crumpled bills and I just stuffed them into my pocket.

On the way back home I stopped at Safeway to buy some groceries. When I reached into my pocket to pay, I took out the ball of bills and straightened them out. There were three $5 bills and five singles. Poor guy had given me back $20 in change by mistake :o) Oh well… I hope by sharing their good music with the public I have given them some exposure, if not a slice of pizza.

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