What Is Failure?

Failure means inability of achievement in spite of the right opportunities. But, lack of achievement by itself cannot necessarily construe as failure.

We know that every person is responsible for his own actions. That is why timely actions, deliberation and readiness to embrace coincidental circumstances can make or break anyone. It is safe to say that lack of enthusiasm to get the best out of any situation is a recipe for failure. The idea of free will, although challenged by some, finds its merit here. We are free to choose within certain limitations out of our control. And what we do defines us.

The movie called “The Ground-Hog Day” is a brilliant reflection of this philosophy.

I recommend it to those who keep wondering why things are not better in their lives, or why they are still unhappy.

Expecting a different level of satisfaction and fulfillment in life is natural. But, pursuit of happiness should be positively planed or the outcome may be a failure. Pure chance can play a big role. Circumstances vary and the result of our action or lack of it is relatively reflected as success or failure. Those who willingly take chances and strive to bring change to the status qua may sometimes fail. But their essence of character and moral is polished.

Fear of failure has caused many to stay a failure all their lives. There is no glory for those who just wait in despair. The sheer value within our attempts and endeavor must not be neglected. Life is a journey and those of us who do our best to make something positive out of it get the satisfaction as the reward. Failure and triumph sometimes do not mean much when contentment is abundant.

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