What if Mohammad (S) was a …

Ever thought what if Mohammad was a woman?  A woman who at age 40 married a 9 year old boy; and consumated the marriage.

Or what if Mohammad was not the prophet of Islam and he brought the Jewish or  Bahai religion?  Then, and only then we would criticize the prophets of these religions for  marrying (or as some say raping) a child.

Just as we ignore an important fact like the age of the prophet’s bride, we ignore a lot of different things about Islam.  Much like the same thing as Americans.   They have the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons and are the only nation who has used nukes in wars (WWII, Iraq I and Iraq II) and yet they want to force Iran not to have nukes.  Some things just don’t make any sense.

Many of the teachings of the major religions these days don’t make any sense either; like Kosher food, Zebhe Islami, Jews only marrying Jews, sighe-ye Islami, Sharie’ law, hejab, concept of najes.  What the fuck.  How come pig is nages and goat is not?  How come dog is najes but cat is not?  Pork is a much cleaner, leaner meat with less cholestorol than beef.  How many Iranian Muslims do you know that don’t eat pork?  But the drink vodka like its sharbate golab.

i think its high time some of us (not all, but maybe 2 out of 3) start using this concept called logic. 


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