PLEASE don’t go! (Rosie and more)

Rosie T. (aka Robin G) is an ally of Iran, Iranians and I wasn’t a big fan of her “neuratic” writing pattern at first. But over the last few months I have come to realize she’s something very special and extremely rare. Now she is on her way out.

I was going to ignore this at first. What’s it to me some woman on a blog is having issues… Why should I care. But this is a place I have been spending so much of my time lately: writing, researching, responding, fighting… even if you spend a couple of hours a week on this site catching up and contributing, you can’t help but keep track of people. It’s like they’re your co-workers on a part-time job (with no pay!) you can’t help but be curious. Like it or not, JJ has kicked up this site a notch. It is now an honest-of-god “community,” a cyber village or ‘dehkadeh’ if you will. It’s time we realize this, at least those of us who visit this site on daily basis.

The more I thought about it, the more it became obvious to me why this Rosie thing is so significant. I don’t actually know what all happened…. There was some nasty stuff written about her. She was in an argument with Nadias. Mazloom was involved and erased a blog. I don’t know the full story, but I don’t really care.

The important thing is someone like Rosie is leaving this site. We are driving away friends and allies with our extreme cynicism. This a community that can’t afford to lose friends right now.

Consider Rosie T. She is increadibly intelligent, well read and articulate. She’s a New York Jew who is in love with our country, dispite everything in the year 2008. At a time when most Americans can’t find Iran on a map, or don’t know the difference between Iranian or Iraqi, she has taken the time to study our language, understand our culture and help build our online community. She has so many qualities I think we wished we also had, at least speaking for myself. Like she’s increadibly open and humble, very forgiving and has the ability to find common ground with anybody.

That last one is a trait that is just not in our blood, but maybe we can start to aquired it.

This is my plea to Rosie to read this and consider coming back to this site. I won’t be like JJ and patronizingly say “you WILL be back soon”, as I recall he did to someone else (also, I recall he was right). But I am officiaaly asking.

So please. Let’s take a break from the usual “sectarian conflict” on this blog and come together to help welcome back someone we all know we need in our cyberlife. Let this be a collective way of saying please don’t go! If she decides not to come back, this can be a place we can remember her for one last time and bid a fond adieu as she makes herself a brand new account on!

But I’m hopeful she will at least consider it. If we make it worth her while to read these comments.

(For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, go to this page and read Rosie’s writings: )

Thank You.

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