Canada double standard on terrorism

July 15, 2008

Liberal MP- Critic of Foreign affairs

Dear Mr. Rae,

I am writing to you to support your stand on Omar Khadr’s return to Canada .Omar Kadar is a Canadian, AND MUST BE SUPPORTED BY THE GOVERNMENT . He should face the court in Canada for his alleged killing a Us combat in Afghanistan. KHADAR’ s crime and affiliation with Al_Quaed is not worse than the crimes committed by Paul Bernardo , the cold blood rapist and psycho, who raped tens of women and murdered three of them , the man who never be touched to get confess on his crimes against women .While all the detainees must be treated human and fair but the government should not politicize the nature of a crime. If a human being is physically harmed then the authorities should deal it equally. Good terrorist and bad terrorists The problem is not Omar Khadar’s involvement in war against US inside Afghanistan and alleged killing a US combat while he was 15 years old but the problem is existence of double standard on dealing with terrorists by the Canadian government. It looks to me there are good terrorists and bad terrorists defined by Canadian government and intelligent service. While they are treating Omar Khadr inhuman and closing eyes on the torture and mistreatment of him at US infamous ” Guantanamo Bay ” at the same time they are closing eyes on a Stalinist, violent and undemocratic activities of MKO, threatening other Canadian citizens who dare to criticize them. Also, the illegal transfer of hundred of youth under age from Iraq to Canada and to US include one Canadian citizen , Mohammad Mohammady ,15 years old , a resident of Richmond Hill and his sister, Somaye Mohammay while she was 16 years old. . The numbers of occasions on which Liberal or Conservative members of Parliament have met with this organization are numerous, and include, but are not restricted to the followings. The group enjoying free ride and activities in parliament and across Canada.

1. December 18, 2005: Two Conservatives member of Parliaments (MPs) and one independent flew to Toronto to attend a conference organized and attended exclusively by members of the Mojahedin at the Colony Hotel in Toronto. The Four MPs consisting of Stockwell Day( the current public safety minister) , Paul Forseth, Yasmin Ratansi , and David Killgour all spoke and endorsed the idea of regime change in Iran by military force.

2. The latest support was by Ms. Raymond Folco, Liberal MP from Laval- Les Îles who flew to Paris to support the totalitarian group who systematically violating universal UN Human rights declaration such as banning marriage among the group in Iraq, training child as a soldiers , lack of free lection for two decades.The organizations are so called Mojahedin Khalq (MKP) and/or the National Council of Resistance of Iran (N.C.R.I). Nonetheless, they habitually assume given names to elude the authorities of countries in which they are active and are in the Canadian and Us terrorist list since 2003.The government has to respect its rules and laws and then expect the citizens to follow the lawmakers and intelligent service who are assigned to protect people.

All Canadian must be treated equal and be supported while they are abroad which has been neglected in so many cases such as case of Zahra Kazemi in notorious Evin Prison in Iran , to the case of Omar khaddar in US military detention centre . While MKO are enjoying the freedom in Canada they have to

1. Respect human rights and freedom of speech

2. Denounced violence

3. Held an free election supervised by Canadian observersAs long as MKO has not met the criteria, any kind of support will not help democracy and human rights in Iran . Please be advised that MKO and the leaders are liable along aside of theocrats for the circle of violation that cost lives of thousands of Iranian. MKO and Masoud rajavi have been serving Sadam Hossiens brutal regime, which boosted Khomeini to stay in power when ha attacked Iran in 1981 . The invasion of Iran gave the green light to the regime to quell the Iranian intellectual and activists include MKO who were demanding the rightful basic rights of Iranian

While we respect the rights to support an undemocratic group but we reserve our right as Canadian to take the case to the Canadian human rights commission since supporting MKO as a fascist organization is against Canadian values and principals.

Iranian need Canadian help to restore democracy and Human rights in Iran , and it must be done within the Iranian border by the Iranian people not by the puppets of US neo Cons . We need peacenot war.

Be a voice for peace not war.

Saeed Soltanpour


Iranian community paper

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