The following videos provide only a glimpse of the professional methods employed by the palestinians and Hizballah to shoot fake photos and videos. Footage designed specifically to portray alleged Israeli `crimes` and palestinian `victimhood`.

The reality goes beyond the few cases reported here. There is a full fledged industry operating for years using in depth knowledge of media loopholes , ways to take advantage of them, and methods to quench media thirst for spectacular time bites by providing them with professionally staged fake footage.

Pallywood (Full version)

Pallywood I

Pallywood II – The Al-Durah case (part 1)*

Pallywood II – The Al-Durah case (Part II)

The Road to Jenin (Full version)…

Jenin Massacre? The Truth

The truth about Jenin…


Photo fraud in Lebanon

Pictures you never see


* See also :……

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