Lets take Hizbollah for example. A self proclaimed terrorist group in Lebanon, who’s leaders also calls itself “Resistance fighters”. The same is true for that Palestinian groups Hamas & Al Aqsa in Gaza. Or Abu Saayaf in Philippine. Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon, and Usamah Bin Ladin and his dreaded Al Qaeda Group.

They all will tell you. They are Resistance Groups, and all their criminal acts against innocent civilians are merely Resistance and self defence.

One might ask these pathetic groups. What, or whom are they “resisting” against?. After all, don’t they resist the prospect of human freedom to decide for himself / herself and by himself/herself to distinguish between what right and wrong.

Do they resist the basic tenant of human endeavor, an inalienable right of expression and free speech ?One might ask Nassrallah – the father of all demagogues throughout the Islamic world. Since Israel does not occupy any Lebanese territories, and his beloved former Syrian occupiers have already left the country, what else is left for this pathetic mid-level clergy to resist. Does Hizbollah resists the type of freedom to act like a lawless group of thugs in Lebanon, where it has its own fully armed militia group? What exactly this coward and demagogue is resisting to. ?

What about those small group of Muslims extremists living throughout Europe. The same Muslims whom had fled their own Islamic countries, to escape poverty, oppression and hunger. What are they resisting?, and whom are they resisting against, to justify some of the most heinous crimes committed by these Muslims against the very people whom had provided them food & shelter. UK, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Germany, France.

The only thing these Islamist thugs resist, is Resistance to human progress, freedom and respect to individual’s inalienable right to express his or her opinion. They resist the prospect of people with different background and opinions to live in peace and harmony. They resist advancement of humanity. They resist the effort of millions and millions of other educated and moderate Muslims to bring the rest of the ummah from the dark ages of human endeavor into modern life and progress. They are resisting the rest of the humanity to find solution to some of the most pernicious issues facing mankind. Hunger, diseases, poverty, etc.

That is what these band of thugs are resisting. Nothing else.

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