Whats good about Iran and Iranians?

On many occasions I have been accused of being too negative and harsh on Iran and Iranians while praising other countries and or cultures. So when I received a couple of emails from a couple of Iranian.com readers who had my email address from way back, telling me to ease up or shut up, I started reflecting on this question: “What is good about Iran and Iranians?”.

Iran is basically just a place where Iranians live. So, I guess the main question is whats good about Iranians?

To start with, on a relative scale, Iranians are smarter than most other nationalities. Specially Iranian women. Inspite of oppression and lack of opportunity Iranian women have kept up or actually surpassed Iranian men when afforded the chance.

Then it felt like sort of reaching a dead end street. I couldn’t think of anything. Iranian foods, such as chelo kabob, ghormehsabzi, aab goosht, etc are the best; Iranian cusine is fantastically complex yet simple.

What else? Lets examine the idea of “mehmoon doosti”. Its a nice concept but in most cases the host usually starts saying “when is this guy leaving?” of “taraf kangar khordeh langar andakhteh” or “mehmoon az mehmoon badesh miyad sahab khooneh az hardo” after a couple days. Usually because keeping up such a high standard of hosting is so difficult.

Other than the intelligence and the food I could not think of anything. Can you?

Please tell me what.


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