the best advice i got

when i was just a young boy my father used to take me to restaurants every week so we could spend more time together.

during one of these restaurant visits he met a good friend of his and invited him to join us for lunch. he accepted. he was wearing a very nice light color suit with white shirt and tie. i was busy stuffing my mouth when i heard a big crash of glass on the floor and saw my father’s friend standing up with the front of his pants all wet. if i did not know that he had dropped the pepsicola glass on himself i would have felt very sorry for him for peeing in his pants in the busy restaurant. my father’s friend who was very embarrassed excused himself to go home and change. he told us his house was very close and he would return in twenty minutes. i timed him. he was back in eighteen.

my father and me could not believe our eyes. he had the same suit and shirt and tie on, all dry and proper. we asked him how he had managed to get home, dry his pants and jacket and get back here all in less than twenty minutes. he looked around as to make sure no one was listening and then whisper like told us that when he goes shopping for suits he buys two of everything. he said by wearing too many different suits people will think that i am a rich man and will become jealous and resentful. also my bosses will think that they are paying me enough that I am able to buy different suits and they will not increase my salary.

he then turned to me and said no matter how much money you have always pretend you are in need of money and no matter how well you feel, always pretend that you are suffering of something. it is better for people to feel sorry for you than to envy you.

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