Mollah gash kardeh

When I was 17 I was given my first book of Iranian recipes. I used to pour over the pages and think about the day when I would become a great cook. At that time I didnt know even how to go about making maast o khiar let alone polou or khoresh!

One of the recipes that seemed sooo delicious to me was something called ‘mollah gash kardeh’ … the name suggested it must be a dish from heaven and I had never eaten it before and never got  around to making it! Needless to say I lost that recipe book somewhere when I left Iran in a bit of a rush a few years later.

I have never seen the recipe since and although it probably isn’t so delicious as it once seemed I would love to try and make it. I came across a turkish recipe for this dish on the net but Im looking for an authentic iranian one.

Does anyone know it?

BTW there seems to be a bit of a demand for a food/ recipe section. So this is a starting place. I am going to think about an article so watch this space.


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