The perils of Emmaratizing the eye-ranian

Try to digest these statistic Items:

Regime sanctioned investments by so called Eye-ranians in Emmarate exceeded $450 Billion in 2008 for a 20 years estimated study

Emmarate hosting over 100000 iranian visitors per month… In accordance with the new MOU, Iraq has accepted to issue visas for 7,000 Iranian pilgrims per day and over 20000 for the Mohharram period

similar news on Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia… yara yara

For an observer not familiar with the mullah,s not so secret cultural agenda this is just another set of numbers.

But one may ask why is it that the Jehadist regime who is going to brink of an all out war with the so called  great Satan, Zionist regime & allies for the cause & Sovereignty of Palestine,Lebenon & populist Arab Jehadists in ME is playing blind eyed to an Emmarate who not only ill treats Iranian visitors, Saps Billions in Iranian wealth & smuggle Kaniz sex workers, but also has a serious claime on Iranian territory ?

I call it the way I see it “The policy of Maximum Exposure to contemporary Arab culture”..

Yes even Shah condoned it too to a much lesser extent which in return will be the case for me to call Shah as some what of a mission ignorant patriot.

In the case of IRI This is just another extension of Organized,Systematic Pan-Ommatist agenda of the regime to inject a little bit of Abu Dabbi, Karbala, Damascus & South Beirut in the minds & hearts of average Javad to come back to Tehran or Isfahan talking about how glorious & amazing the Shaikh-dom is….is it any wonder that nowadays the line “mikhay beri Emmarate” means adding to your wives shaikh style. 

This btw is only an icing on the cake for the already Ommatist saturated culture of “Mamalekeh Mahrooseh” since,  the  cultural Engineers already have the mindnumbing resources of ministry of education,Guidance, Tv & Radio,Media..etc and more to further ommatize the hell out of the eye-ranian Parrot mind…

But then wait..wait !!  ..How could an ignorant Goat like me miss the real truth winking  @ him…Is it the Mullahs or the big chunk of us Mavali eye-ranians ourselves who as Pilgrams, Educators, Diaspora Singers, Artists, Writers, Tourists,Diaspora Media, Investors & Hookers rush to the gates of Madinat Al Shaikh to be at their disposal  & come back to tell us how great it is to be slapped by an Emarratie Sharteh!!

My apology to mullahs the messengers:

Mullah jan It,s not You, but us ..We blame You for all our hypocrisy & treason yet,  claim none for our own. Amazingly you are the only one among us who is atleast true to his calling. That,s right ! it,s not your fault  the messenger but,  those willing listeners who act on the message.

Yahh let Qatar suck our Gas while you suck on kous-kous & dance habibi in Abu some where!

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