Teaching vs. Criticism!!!!

It took me about 2 hours to calm down and try to write here. Yes! I am a human being too, and yes I get frustrated; nevertheless, I have tried so hard to understand some people’s motive to criticize! Also, I am trying for a week to understand that what it takes for some people to forgive. In my previous blog, I brought a piece about how some women are perceived as bitches in the eyes of some people (male/female); however, since that piece was e-mailed to me I could not find the source so I did not type it there. I had no intention to make others believe it was mine at all. As one of the readers had put a comment that I did. True! I had to mention that I did not the source, but for God’s sake I did not. Do I deserve to be penalize for a such a mistake? Interestingly enough I appologize to some readers, but did it satisfy his highness? No! Had I known that I needed to be perfect to be allowed to write in this site, I would have NEVER registered.

I have no problem to be corrected, as a matter of fact, I invite people to correct me whenever I make a mistake. However, I do believe there is a way to teach, remind, or correct a person. When someone criticize another, one should ask oneself where the criticism is coming from. During my stay in the US, I have been surrounded my American or native English speaker population; never had I felt the way I did with someone so egoistic as one of the readers in my blog. The same time, I felt bad for him too. He wanted to crush me calling me”Lazy”, probably literary thief, or whatever. I am asking you what was the motive? Did it work at all? Please next time before you leave a comment for anyone, ask yourself why you want to tell the writer. Let’s respect people of who they are not what we expect them to be.

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