Random Cogitations!!

On Campbel Brown!!

…The three witches of Obamawood  Oprah,Ariana Huffington & my favourite CNN,s Campbell Brown are busy busy…But among the three Campbel is a shameless Mccain basher in disguise..She claims to be impartial yet every time she has a piece on Mccain it,s either negative, contemptuous or subtly pro Obama…Look Missy!! Ok ! We get it, You love Obee..after all it,s a trendy thing to do but , You don,t have to wear it on Your sleeves..Your yuppi  soccer mom look is not fooling any one…

 & Yep! Next time You turn out in the studio with that tight little black dress ask your hubbie if it fits..Pretty face..chubby butt..don,t turn your back to the cameras.:)



On Islam , Sunnism, Shiaism & Iran .. Which to blame for the demise of Irani spirit?..!!

Lets be fair!. I am thinking that yes,  Arabs took away Iran,s geography, Sovereignity, It,s glorious heritage , empires & put an end on a concept called Iran .But Islam gave the nation an opportunity to be at peace by herself in some form ..It gave Iranians the option & excuse to forget about the ambitions of making new empires, conquer new lands and being hyper-defensive about the motherland that didn,t exist any more. Without this baggage for good or bad The Iranian spirit re-invented herself this time for idividual glory in Science,Literature,Philosophy..lalala..kinda like Japan after WW2. This kinda peacefull closure & convenient amnesia lasted for roughly a 1000 years that produced the kinds of Ferdowsi,Avi sina & Razi..We had no Iran but the spirit was alive and well ..And then came Safavid with it,s claime to re-invent Iran which in effect is a  myth and a name tag hijacked,  the biggest fraud done to the minds of the generations to come via Safavid cultural agents……We had lost Iran the country centuries ago & This time lost her true spirit as well . Shaikh majlisi ,Associates & descendents made sure that Their semi pagan like glorifications of mere humans will replace  God the merciful in the hearts of this nation..After Safavid there were no more Avi Sina s but Shaikh Fazlollah Nouris & shaikh Khalkhalis. Hence Safavid truly finished off Iran..No country,No spirit..just a fake name tag!


On Montgomery Burns of Simpsons!!

This old dude is my most favourites of all simpsons characters..He is real, funny,Cunning,devil,Angel,Honest,Dishonest,Realist,Idealist….etc….He is a little bit of all of us..Man He rocks..Burns for president!

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