We Are Alone No Matter What!

Personality wise I am an extrovert. I love to be around people and actually enjoy it too. This past week, I took a trip to the north and stayed almost the whole week with my family. To put it in a nutshell, I had a wonderful time with my side of the family (as my daughter calls it!). When I am with them, we party, dance, and tell each other lots of jokes. Laughter is a big part of the party. By 1-2 am, if we gain back our sanity (from booz) we might get into philosophical, or political debates; that by itself is very interesting and to tell the truth when I am home I miss those discussions. I am so proud of my family and if I may I rather say I have come from a very intellectual, emotional, and most importantly supportive side of a family.

I told you all that introduction to tell you this: No matter how fun it was, there was some part of the night that I felt absolutely alone!!! No matter how much I can relate to my family, or being an extrovert I felt lonely at times. That brough me to the fact that every individual is fundamentally alone. This is a terrible truth: We enter life as an independent being and we take leave from life alone. This is the nature of enistantial isolation. However, as Yalom (1980) believes: “denial is the mist common way that human deal with the conflict between being an individula and experiencing the frightening quality of existantial isolation.” According to him one of the most common forms of denying isolation is through love or fusion with another individual. Sometimes during my isolation feeling in the group of my family, I came upon the fact that I feel the isolation a.k.a. lonliness when I am able to discover, and explore my authetic indivual self-separate from others. Right at that time, I feel much better, knowing that I reached to that level. Do I want to call myself “extrovert”? I wonder! 

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