The story of Iman

I feel so good and I want to share my story with you.

Ny friend of many years, actually since I was 18, Iman, came here to the US last year. He went to live in Irvine, southern California, and at that time I was living in north Texas.

I moved to Berkeley this July and been living here for two months now. Today I called him just to say hi, turned out he’s in Berkeley too.

After 3 years I finally met my friend. Ironically we were in the same city today and we could not see each other if I had not called him to say hi.

I feel so good, you cannot imagine how surprising it was for me, thousands of miles from our Sharif University (where we first met).

We went to headlands tonight (the place north of the Golden Gate bridge) and he reminded me of our trip to Kalardasht and Mahmood Abad 5 years ago. Who would have thought that we will meet 5 years later in San Fransisco? The world is so small.

Have a great labor day everybody. Thanks for letting me share my excitemenet with you.

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