What should Iranians do with Quran in Ramadan?

After I start to set quran on fire, so called moderate muslims in the US, England and Australia started to use their true language, violent and threats. They have threatened my life and so on and still keep saying “we are moderate muslim” What the hell?!

So here is the piece for you so-called moderate muslims: It is so weird how Moderate Muslims are most worried about Quran and Islam than how Islamic governments (in our case Iran) is violating human rights on daily basis in the name of Islam! There are two possibilities:

1) Islam instructions are instructing to violate human rights so we have to get rid of it because human right comes first than a cruel Islamic instruction.

2) Moderate Muslims say Islam instructions are good and peaceful but extremists hijacked Islam and misinterpreted it in the way that serves their objectives. In this case Moderate Muslims should rise against extremists who hijacked and abused their beloved and peaceful (which is not true) Islam’s name and they have to react to daily human rights violations in Islamic countries.

If moderate muslims for real are really out there, I mean if there is any exists, we have to hear their voice when Islamic government violates human rights on daily basis. so where have they been so far that we haven’t heard about them when Iran is executing children more than any other country?

I don’t have any respect for Islam or anything that you believe while your belief system is suppress people and kill them by Islamic laws. Moderate Muslims don’t care how Islamic government is violating human rights in Islamic countries because they are muslim.

That’s why in current situations you will see my protest in a manner that everybody, including moderate Muslims and extremist get my message and think about my frustration which is the daily problem of me and every Iranian people.

After set quran on fire Islamic Iranian government understood that setting quran on fire is going to take them down eventually so they stopped executions in public but still they are executing people so setting quran on fire is not gonna stop here. We do have some new plans for ya, wait and see.


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