It puzzles me….

I had intended to post this as a comment on “Sarah Palin…” blog by samsam1111. But it looks like they have closed that blog. I still want my voice heard… here we go…

Reading over some of the comments on this thread I am shocked at some of the contents.

As a communist in my early days (16-21 years) and a socialist for the next several years and as a “neocon” as I think I have been labeled recently, I thought it could be worthwhile to throw in my 2 cents.

All I can say to Obama believers is that, never fall for a sweet talker. Look beyond the surface. This is not to defend Sarah Palin or McCain’s ticket, but to express my sentiments as to why I will never support Obama’s ticket. The most important and primary reason is that he is not “trustworthy”. No matter how sincere he may sound in his provocative speeches, the fact of the matter remains that he is anti-American. He (and his beloved) are simply pro-communism. I have had my share of love for communism and at this point in my life and my experience with contrast between democracy and communism I am willing to give my life to protect democracy and defeat communism.

You can talk all you want about social equality etc… the bottom line remains to be human right and the will of majority. You can demonize any candidate you want, but you can’t throw the foundation of this democracy into trash. Regardless of what a given administration has done, the foundation of democracy on which this nation is built is unshakable. Whether you pick McCain or Obama (as a neocon I pick McCain) you have to respect the will of the people. With all probabilities, Obama will be our next president (against my wish). We should all respect him to respect those who elected him in a democratic state. By the same token we should support McCain if he (as a longshot) gets

the vote.. It would be stupid to say Americans are racists if Obama is not elected.

Candidates can debate issues, but, integrity is not debatable. And that’s my issue with Obama.

Some daughters of Iran have been fairly outspoken lately. I don’t know if they are soccer moms or hockey moms, but, either way they better put some lipsticks on or people will soon find out who they really are. Sarah Palin will be just fine…..better than Dick Chaney , Al Gore, or even Condie Rice.. If you don’t like her, don’t vote for her. There is no need to trash her. Character assassination has backfired in many instances. So, be careful of your comments.

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