We Are Alone, Very Alone

During the past thirty years, authorities in Iran haven’t been able to find any allies among neighbors or the other Islamic countries in the Middle East. Until now they haven’t been able to do it.

In the first decade, trying to foment a revolution among the other Islamic countries was the main obstacle, but later two other main factors obstructed friendly relations.

In fact, Iran is the only Shiitic country among the Islamic countries. I mean that there isn’t any other Shiitic one in the Middle East. Even we can not recognize Iraq as a Shiitic country, because the other minorities like Sunnis and Kurds together, have equal role such as Shiites, so they don’t let the Shia in Iraq to run the society based on Shiitic doctrine.

Secondly, our national identity differs from the others in the region. In fact, we are not Arab. We have a different language and in general a different culture.

Consequently it seems we can not find any other ally except Israel. Israelites are alone like us and they aren’t Arab either, so they can be the best friends for Iranians or even for present authorities in Iran.

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