Another hoax?

One of the fascinating items they used to have advertised on the back of comic books when I was a kid, was these ‘special X-ray glasses’. They were supposed to enable you to see people naked!

Needless to say how curious we (mostly my friends, and, ..well, me, …a little!) were to get our hands on one pair. We’d ask older kids who went to school in the US about it, and they’d act cool and say ,”yeah,..I have seen them. I don’t have one, but I’ve seen them. We get naked with girls all the time there, so we don’t need them.”


Well after searching for them many years (last year!), I finally realized,it was hogwash.

I have been trying to get someone to write some Persian poetry for me in nas’ta’leegh. One of the people I asked, said” bah, kojaayeh kaaree? Nowdays there are computer softwares that write it for you. I am suprised you don’t know about it”.

” Damn! Where have I been?”, I thought to myself.

“Are you sure? I am not talking about Persian font…”, I said. “No, no, …nas’ta’leegh. I know what you are talking about”, he replied.

Fine. So I went on- where else- on Gooogle, looking for it. Came up with zilch. Emailed a few friends, and again, some had heard of it, but no one actually used it or knew where to get it.

So, I thought, I bring it up with the most intelligent, cultural, technical, group of people I know, and ask them if they know anything about it. But the “Happy Hour” doesn’t start until 7 pm, so I guess I have to wait.

In the meanwhile, any of you has actually seen such software? I would appreciate first hand knowledge testimonies ( don’t tell me you had a neighbor once, whose brother-in-law used to talk about this software)

Much obliged,

Ali P.

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