Legend Of The Scarecrow

This is a partial translation  of the narrator telling the story .Once uopn a time lives this scarecrwo that has no friends.The scarecrow in solitude does his work and he waves at the crows flying by.He is wondering why the crows never respond to him and avoid him  .In a cold freezing night a crow falls on his foot steps.

The scarecrow picks the bird  up and care for it  until the crow recover.Then ask the crow why they are so  cold and unfriendly to him?Caught by surprise he finds out to be considered  asa monster to the crows. Knowing the facts, he decide to tell his master that he no longer will play the roll of monster and thats when his life change……………………… .This is the link,Ihope you enjoy it.

The Legend of the Scarecrow from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

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