Young Appetence

As a young artist, my palette and mind are constantly changing and readjusting. I think my subjects are simple; possibly multi-layered, but nothing overwhelming to confuse a viewer, only provoking them.  Generally, I pass through a concentration or focus of work where I dwell on one subject matter or one style of art making, and attempt to create a compilation of 3-5 pieces.  At a particular point, my mind and brush move on as I become bored with an idea relatively quickly and look to experiment with new ideas.  Yet the process of the art making always works the same.  I start with a source of inspiration, whether it be an old artist, old photographs, or nature as I perceive it.  Then I determine the best possible method to realize the idea, via materials, size, etc.  From that point, I begin to work and open my mind, and more often than not, I end up with something a little or a lot different than what I initially imagined.  But most of all, I try hard not to allow my own artistic stubbornness to dictate the image.  To learn more about the artist and view more work, please visit

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