What a Small World II !

  In my previous blog I wrote about finding my best friend in high school, two weeks after that I found my best friend in elemetary!!!! Someone whom I looked for all these 28 years and could not find. How could I call it coincidence, when I quit looking for her after those many years, and viola there she is? How small is this world that she came to the USA for a visit and stays in the same state as I live so I have the opportunity to see her? Interestingly enough, when I paid her a visit it was as if we were not that many years apart! Except our looks of course, kind of old :)Since then I am dealing with this idea that why now, why should both my school best friends reappear in my life at the time like this: that I really need some old good friends the most? I consider myself lucky, though luck has always been a strange word in my vocabulary.

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