War on Ignorance

America’s founders defeated the biggest colonial power and created the government of the people, now government of a few; invented the best public school system in the world, now one of the worst; created an immigrant nation that is pulled apart the seams by immigrant bashing; made America the hub of science and technology by attracting global talents, now other nations are getting ahead of us; gave new meaning to human rights, rule of law and the use of ballot rather than bullet, now we are reversing it not only on global basis but even in America; kept religion out of government, now we are yielding to war and hate mongering politicians who consider invasion of other countries ‘The Will of God.”

This is, but one of millions of comments across America regarding oil-producing countries that no longer do what we say, “Thank God our armed forces are killing them and they are killing each other.”

In short, we are observing the undoing the American Revolution and its Ideals. It was the truth that made us free and it is falsehood that is making us slaves of the big government and bankrupting ourselves and our future generations.

The founders of this nation would be spinning in their graves if they could see this complete turnaround. Washington and Jefferson I call the intellectual engine of America abhorred wars and did not approve of it unless the very last resort. The latter firmly believed that tyranny can be imposed on others, but not democracy, but now we are doing the opposite of that and lose the respect of the world and being known as bullies. We promote terrorism and make enemies in order to justify war on terrorism. We conveniently forget that America’s founders, too, were called “terrorists” by the colonial power they deposed. They had a price on their heads.

The motto on Jefferson’s ring read, “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” He warned us against blaming other countries, fighting futile wars and bankrupting ourselves by saying, “An empire collapses more from within than from without.” He said, “We must not let our rulers leave us with perpetual debt, or profusion and servitude.” It was the truth that made this nation free and it is falsehood that is making it slave.

Yes, we managed all of these by being indifferent to cancerous growth of ignorance, arrogance, and greed. As Jefferson said, “Those who expect to be ignorant and free, expect what there never was and never will be.

We need to declare a War On Ignorance that is far cheaper and more effective than the futile “War On Terror.” As Bill Clinton said, “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed with what is right with it.”

Some historians call this decline the cycle of life of the empires, but an increasing number of us still believe in the power of We The People. Which side are you? Join millions of decent Americans who want to make America, America again. Let us heed Erick Fromm, “The world is graveyard of empires that did not meet the challenge of their time.” Yes, the same “We the People” who created it can save America from the brink of destruction.

Visit my website: TerrorismAndHowToStopIt.org

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