On a new mission … distraction or avoidance!

Background: The wedding is in 2 weeks today! The bride, my daughter, is ill and we’re not sure if she’ll be well enough. Her dress is now too big and needs altering again. The bridesmaids are complaining about the heels on their shoes …..ehhh! and my other daughter split her dress. Looking after my daughter when shes ill and the children,  is exausting. My other half is backwards and forwards to Sweden on business and I still havent got my dress for the wedding……..ahhhhhh.

Relatives 3 hours away are needy, they dont speak english and we have a immigration tribunal in 3 weeks….ahhhhh.

I’ve nearly tracked down the Shajarian track thanks to all the really helpful guys here .. thanks guys you’ve been brilliant.

I just bought a great huge semi antique Persian carpet for almost nothing at an auction …. yey….:)

and now I am looking for those gorgeous Persian floor cushions! They say change is as good as a rest. But I dont know what they’re called. Are they ‘bags’? Anyone know where I can buy them?


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