Pigs may fly!

It was about seven or eight months ago when my mother said that she has received a call from a friend and they were going to meet Michele Obama.  She was invited to Seattle by one of her close friends and fundraisers who happened to also be Iranian. After that day, we went back and forth for month on whether an African-American man would ever be president. I grew up in Texas and I think race has always been a factor and will always be a factor in this country.  I have always believed that hell will freeze over and pigs will fly before Obama is in the White House. As I am writing this, I can hear the GOP garbage ads running on TV  calling Obama radical and many other names and labels. One has to appreciate that he his one tough man, withstanding everything that Clintons and Republicans have thrown his way for almost 2 years. A black man with Hussein as middle name who happens to be a terrorist, Socialist and Marxist all in one and is leading in the polls in almost every state in this country. Barring a miracle or another highway rubbery similar to the 2000 elections, I hope I wake up on November 5th realizing that hell is iced up and and every pig is flying as they do in Pink FLoyd concerts. 

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