I have been promoting Obama for president ever since the beginning of the democratic primaries when he was already being written off by so many. Before forming Obama 2008 blog on, I posted many articles here in his support. I also formed a network focused on the general American public which to this date has grown to more than 12,000 supporters!
Today there are many articles praising the “change”, but back then things were much different. After the first stages of the campaign, the toughest part of Obama’s uphill battle was when he was running against the forces of the status quo within the democratic party (Hillary Clinton). At the time Clintons threw every piece of dirt possible at Obama with their kitchen sink strategy. In fact Battling Hillary Clinton was much more difficult than McCain because not only Obama was unknown to the general public but he also was fighting the Clinton Machine of his own party who were resorting to everything from digging videos from his pastor to his photo in Kenya with a turban to claiming that only Hillary and “McCain” were qualified to be the commanders in chief! to resorting to gaining votes from republicans as well as racists who were switching parties to only vote against Obama ….to even suggesting that Obama may get assassinated! 
At the time many of us in the Obama Campaign were openly disclosing the conspiracies of the joint forces of status quo within the democratic and republican parties. My respond to the skeptics was best summarized in this reply back then on   “People’s intelligence should not be underestimated, They make best decisions when they have all facts ” 
Underestimating intelligence of people was also a mistake that McCain made by picking Sarah Palin , trying to gain votes from women or democrats who did not want to vote for a black president. 
By the time Obama was nominated and with most democrats eventually uniting behind him, the battle against McCain and republicans was much easier because it was the battle between “fear” and “hope” especially that there was nearly nothing left that had not been tried against him already!
But the purpose of this post is not to review the past but to learn from it that indeed history has proven again and again that ” we can” . 
Obama’s campaign had grassroots foundations that kept growing until he was elected to be the next US president, simply because he relied on THE PEOPLE. 
The lesson for us to learn from Obama’s victory is that WHEN WE: IRANIANS UNITE WITH ONE VOICE, ORGANIZE and BELIEVE IN OURSELVES: WE CAN TOO. In my next article I will describe “how we can” ! I also have a message to the skeptics that you too should  “Believe in yourselves more than the believing in the strength of mullahs who are ruling Iran and only then YOU CAN TOO”.
                                          *          *           *
Here are only some of the comments written to me by the skeptics on not to mention that they wrote similar words to others. I copy them so we can take a deep look within and rethink the attitude of under-estimating the power of “we the people”: “Like or not, Hillary will be elected and put on a strap-on just your size and take of mullah-lovers like you!”
“You dont give up? just like a broken record you keep repeating over and over again. We got the point, you like Obama the hostler, what else do you want? Please disappear….”
 “Hey David ET, the problem with Kabboby Iranians like you is that you actually think that sandnigger AN-tellectuals like yourself can have any effect or impact on the outcome of the presidential election in this country!? ” “A year from now, every one has forgotten about obama and we all can go back to our normal life. This fakeollah, creation of media already had his 15 minutes of fame. time for him to depart soon.”
“David ET (Extra Terrestrial)!? Obviously this is a free country and you can believe in whatever your heart desires (e.g., planet Earth is flat, UFO lands in your backyard, Elvis is still alive, you saw Khomeini’s picture on the Moon, etc. etc.) but repeat after me there is no chance in Hell that Obama can win the next general election!? I tell you what the probability that planet Earth stop rotating around Earth next November is higher than the the probability of Obama wining!? I’ll change my name if he wins!? ”
” Not a hope in hell!  ‘your’ next president won’t be a black man. Not a hope in hell the vast majority of white Americans will allow obama to become their president, although I like him very much. “……

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