Ross Mirkarimi at Berkeley

I went to a discussion session with Ross Mirkarimi about the past election, and ironically I found it very interesting. I also found him a very descent politician with good understanding of our diverse community. Although I have to confess, my fellow Iranians in the audience failed to meet my expectations, they were all well mannered, no name calling not slur, nothing.

I mean after all we are Persians we should not leave a seminar without insulting one or two other people, just imagine what will happen to our ‘Koocheh’ vocabulary if we don’t use them on each others. Also I was astonished to see my people caring about gay rights (a.k.a fags rights). and to be honest seeing my people thinking about participating in American politics was giving me hope. After all it was a Berkeley gathering not a ‘hojattieh’ speech.

Anyways, Mr Mirkarimi mentioned that we need to come together as a community and try to participate in politics and I could not agree with him more. Even if we fail to come together under the name ‘Persian Community’ we can form another community ‘The community of a number of arrogant people who sell rugs and drive black Mercedes and think that civil rights was invented by their emperor Cyrus’

Joking aside, I also believe we should have an organization to lobby for our rights.

I’ll try to go to these seminars more frequently and update you guys. Until then have fun, respect fags, and don’t forget to use condoms. after all, a politician might fail but condoms usually don’t fail.

PS. To my fellow Iranian: If you ask a question, be quick and precise, Instead of a short questions please don’t deliver a speech for God’s sakes 🙂

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