I’m in love with my BlackBerry Storm!

Most of ya’ll will think this is a stupid post but I am so excited to share this great product with my Persian bretheren that I don’t care. 

I picked up my new Blackberry storm PDA about an hour ago and I am already in love.  Move over iPhone there is a new sheriff in town.

This thing is the greatest product since Viagra.  I got an email with a powerpoint attachment, opened the file and viewed the slides at a very respectable speed as I was waiting at a stop light.

I don’t own RIM stock nor do I work for them or sell phones.  I am just a tech nut and like many guys a kid when it comes to new toys.  But this damn thing is not a toy.  You can actually run a business with this phone.

My iPhone is getting sold on Craigslist this afternoon.

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