equality at any cost?

the other day mr. Wu who is our mailman walked in and as soon as he saw me he became quite akhmaloo. i asked him what is the matter. he said that his child’s school district has decided to make the educational playing field more level for every child by taking a fraction of the grades from those students with As and Bs and giving them to the students with Cs, Ds and Fs. i could not believe what i was hearing. so i said to him that how can they do this to those poor students who have studied so hard by staying up all night and studying and forgoing all the fun and playing and partying for the sake of studying. this is the unfairest thing i have ever heard. this will lower the standard for those who work hard and produce such high grades. the incentive to work hard is taken from these hard working students. mr Wu said that by doing this the students with lower grades will end up with higher grades and this will enable them to go to better colleges. the district believes that this will cause more happyness among the students and more uniformity since the wide gap that now exists among the higher grade students and those with lower grades will be reduced. at this time my jaw was some where on the floor under my foot. seeing this mr. Wu laughed and put his hand on my shoulder and told me that he only used this example to show me how absurd this notion of taking from those who have to give to those who have not really is. he said that is what they are going to do with the money we are earning by working so hard. they are going to tax us more and take it from us and give to those who depend on the goverment for hand outs. 

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