Islamic republic take note!

Come January 20, the contentious two-term Bush Administration will hand over the reins of power to the Obama Administration. During its entire eight years, especially the recently concluded two year long Presidential race, the Bush Administration has been roundly vilified by its political adversaries.

Aside from the politicos with access to the traditional mass media, assisted by the great equalizer, the internet, the public at large including non-American borns and particularly students have had their say too. At times the strong feelings free from the customary decorum have taken the form of a blood feud, turning it into a public name calling undertaking.

In the Islamic republic any slight indiscretion towards the officials, above all the Supreme Leader, is a crime. The usual catch all charge in such cases is “activity against national security”.  Countless Iranians including many jailed students and bloggers are paying dearly for publicly expressing their less than approving opinion of the Islamic officials. Please note as of now not a single such a case of prosecution has been reported to have taken place in the U.S.

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