Bread and Cheese Poems



The person who has a roof over his head

And enough for subsistence living

He is a king without a crown


So is the person who does not worry about dinner

While she is having her breakfast


When the stomach is full

It matters little whether

You have eaten bread and cheese

Or steak and lobster


Then don’t worry yourself today

With the possible misfortune of tomorrow


We have such short lives

Why not put away amassing wealth

And leave the world to others

*          *          *          *

Simple Pleasures


When the mean and the rogue

Got ladders and climbed the walls

Of the garden of Epicurus


Oh Lord, what they witnessed!

It was unbelievable, shocking

So strange and implausible


They saw a few people

Sitting under trees, by a small stream

Having a meal of bread, cheese, and walnuts

While listening to someone reading a book out loud


What a disappointment!

What an anti-climax!

Truly, nothing is seen for what it is

On the first look


-Rotterdam, Netherlands

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