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A blow to future diplomacy:
Hardline students gather outside National Security Council in Tehran, ask Rouhani to not negotiate with the US, demand retaliation for the killing of #MohsenFakhrizadeh. Placards say: Silence is a permit for future assassinations.
Via @miladalavii

What Liberals don't want to acknowledge is that the "War on Terror" which many of them supported and still support, has done more to destroy the rules-based international order than anything Trump has done.

Israel is one of few states using assassination as a foreign policy tool. Israeli agents have over the years killed their real or perceived enemies in operations often involving kidnapping, torture & considerable loss of civilian life. Iranian scientists are most recent examples.

US empire: Assassinates scientists, invades countries, topples governments, circles the planet with military bases, deliberately starves civilians to death with sanctions, threatens the world with nuclear weapons.
Also the US empire: Iran must begin acting like a normal country.

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Meet your Persian Love Today!