A distant calling……

I can close my eyes and picture my feet sinking deep into something soft. Is it snow or desert sand ??I can picture smells from different meals based on ancient recipes and flowers that does`nt bloom where I live: in Scandinavia. I hear new tones and languages whispering in the wind, accompanied with music twisted in rhytms that excites my heart. I am told new histories, that took place a long long time ago and I see faces that though unknown yet seems so familiar.

I have recently had a few doors opened to the Persian culture, and I feel as if I had opened a treasure box. I try a lot of new recipes in my kitchen, which I for most parts find on the internet. I sit in front of my PC in order to listen to an electronic voice and repeating the farsi words coming out through my loudspeaker. I carefully write the persian alphabet and I am quite proud of my results!!

I have been to other forums than this. But I was surprised to see peoples reactions if i.e. an iranian would post a thread. Not many will look into his contributions and see what his message is. In fact it did`nt take many posts before the thread got out of line and all that was discussed was US/Israel contra Iran…. And the efforts of the author soon drowned in pityful remarks, those I will not repeat here.I was upset and sorry at the same time, but luckily this author had intelligence and witt, he gave up the thread but at least not his opinions.

I think I have found a treasure, which I want to dedicate a big amount of time to discover. And can`t help being dragged towards. Because I hear this distant calling. Have you ever experienced a calling???

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