Don’t cry for me Iran!

It was the time of a revolution in your history
the darkness was the destiny of my generation
happiness and prosperity were just memories

I was in love with light
I choose to fight with darkness
I started to run the road of hope

The road was not easy
The road is not easy
The road won’t be easy

I am tired
I am hurt
I am burned

I miss the smell of my home
I miss the taste of pomegranates
I miss the sound of the Tar

I faced many challenges
I felt many sad moments
I heard many discriminations

I was alone
I was alone
I was alone

Now, after 12 years
Me and you
Son and mother
will meet

I won’t tell you about
my sadness
my loneliness
my …

and, you
don’t cry for me
because after all these pains
I never stopped loving you

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