Hizbullah Using Beirut Airport to Smuggle Weapons, Report

A report by a European intelligence service in London said Hizbullah continues to use Beirut airport to smuggle weapons and equipment.
The report, carried by the Kuwaiti daily Assiyassah on Friday, said that Hizbullah also continues to smuggle arms via positions under its control along the coastline stretching from Ouzai in Beirut to most of the southern Lebanese seashore.

The report said that Hizbullah had purchased “arms and ammunition as well as electronic monitoring gear for day and night use from companies in western and eastern Europe.”

It said the procedure was done through arms dealers as well as Arab, European and Lebanese go-betweens by imaginary companies in Cyprus, Italy, Greece and Hungary.

The deals were either directly financed by Hizbullah or via Iranian missions, the report added.

Assiyassah quoted Lebanese circles as saying that small- and medium-size jets owned by several arms dealers and middlemen, including some from Gulf states, land at Rafik Hariri International Airport to unload supplies and military gear into civilian trucks and from there to Hizbullah strongholds in Beirut’s southern suburbs.

They said airport authorities help cover-up these smuggling operations, last of which was Dec. 2.

The daily quoted the report as saying that arms smuggling also takes place via medium-size boats, several of which owned by rich Shiites living in Africa, Europe and some Gulf countries.

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