Hizbullah: Hamas Learns From Imam Hussein’s Followers

Hizbullah on Wednesday accused the United Nations of being a “partner to Israel in crimes committed against women and children” in reference to the ongoing Israeli attack on Gaza.

      The head of Hizbullah’s parliamentary bloc Mohammed Raad made the charge in an address to partisans marking Ashoura in the southern village of al-Shhabiyeh.

      Raad also renewed a charge that Egypt was taking part in imposing the siege on Gaza.

“Why is the Rafah crossing closed and who issues the order to close it??” Raad asked in an apparent attempt to target Egyptian President Husni Mubarak.

“We are not placing bets on any Arab regime, we count on the patience of Gaza people and the bravery of resistance fighters,” he added.

Raad said “Hamas and the Palestinian People have learned the example adopted by Imam Hussein’s followers in south Lebanon when they confronted the Zionist military machine and the international alliance in July, 2006.”


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