On Gaza–Says Who?

As we speak, the Israeli army is prepared to engage the starved and embattled Gaza strip with several thousand ground troops.  Says who that this is not our problem?  Says who that this problem, this calamity, this shame, does not belong to all humanity, including Iranian Americans?  This is our world, so we must care.  We must say something, and we must not be bullied by the likes of Condoleeza Rice on her way out and into the dustbin of history, the great hall of shame.  People, have some balls!  Condemn it at the top of your lungs and with all your might. 

History will be written and these days will sit with shame on its pages.  If my kids ask me about it then, I want to be able to tell them that there wasn’t all silence as it was happening, that we did speak up, that we did take a stand.  Do what you can to help prevent it!  Attend protests in your cities, sign petitions, write to your senators and congress representatives and demand action, write to Ms. Rice, do your part.  Take responsibility!   

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