What if there were no Jews.

A lot of us (and by that I don’t just mean Iranians) need someone to hate.  I am not sure how we came to this point.

For Americans, the subjects (or maybe objects) of hatred, depending on the person’s age are:

1) Communism and 2) Islam and Muslims.

For Iranians:  1a) Jews   1b) Bahais (a tie here) and I can’t really think of a close second.  We generally dislike the American and British governments, but we get along with Americans and Brits for the most part.  Generally, “marg bar Amrika” means death to the American government.

I have a pretty good idea about why Americans hate communism.  And after 9/11 and all the propaganda by U.S. media, its not hard to understand why Americans hate Muslims.  On top of that, the Christian churches are afraid of Islam as well and they also propagate fear among people about Islam.

I also have a pretty good idea about the hatred of Bahais; with all the talk about Muhammad being the absolute last prophet of God for ever and ever and ever, if Bahais are legitimized by acceptance or even tolerance of their faith, the mullahs will be out of business.  The teachings of Bahais abolishes the idea of middle men between mankind and God and for the most part make a lot more sense than the Islamic nonsens.

But what about the Jews?  What did they do to deserve such hatred?  Is it because a lot of Doctors and Lawyers are Jews?  Is it because they have won too many nobel prizes or is it because they are disproportionately represented in Hollywood and Banking industry?  Or maybe its because they love money?

Christians by far have more money than Jews.  Most Billionaires in the U.S. and Europe are Christians.  Only one of the top 5 richest people in the world is Jewish.  There are 2 Jews in the top 10 and 3 Jews in the top 25.  20 are Christians and 2 are Muslims.

So if wealth was the issue, and believe me wealth means power, Iranians should hate Christians a lot more than the Jews.  If in the last 50 years, 10,000 Muslims have been killed by the Jews, over 10,000,000  have been killed by Chirstians either directly or indirectly.

So what gives?  Someone SMART please enlighten me.

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