I liked your laughter

I liked your laughter

As you drove away

And looked back at me

In your side mirror

Not giving me time

To wave goodbye.


Perhaps, like my mother

Who hopes for a day of return

I could hold the Koran over your car

And protect you against evils

Or like my nannies, Zahra and Sakineh

I could pour water behind you

From a clay jar.

But now I have to sit alone

And sip wine from an old jug

Saying to myself wistfully:

Perhaps, he has left something behind

And will be back in no time

Honking his horn and laughing.

January 29, 2009

Ardavan Davaran was a professor of English literature in Notre Dame De Namur University in North California. In 1996 Ardavan edited an issue of Literary Review dedicated to Iranian literature in diaspora published by Fairleigh Dickinson University. He passed away on January 28, 2009.

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