Moderation in Moderation

Recently there has been quite a bit of discussion on this website as to whether a particular moderator who is one of a handful with final deletion privileges has been biased against the minority opinion in the Gaza discussions. In fact one non-Jewish member who openly supports the Gazans in their sufferng and struggles, felt  compelled to write a sepaarte blog on this bias in which he was kind enough not to name names. Although at the time I did not know who he referred to I did on tht blog encourage the publisher to consider the possiblity that there COULD be ONE just one moderatoor who INTENITONALLY OR NOT, excericised even some bias.

Now knowing who the person is and that she is a moderator, and without going into the numerous other incidents which would make me question this person’s objectivity and competence to moderate not only within the Gaza context but in general, let alone have final deletion authority, I would like to once again raise the question.

Is there any, any possiblity whatsoever that a person who would make the following statement in public might have even the remotest, smallest possibility of being biased, whether intentionally or subconsciously.:

I am sick of the Jews whining about the Holocaust. 

I haven’t located the post, it was about a month ao. It MIGHT have said “tired” instead of “sick” for example. But the wabout whining about the Holocaust is emblaonedon my brain and it is a quote, not a paraphrase.


I believe there are only two possible answers to my question, yes or no. I don’t believe there is a maybe. Yes POSSIBLE. NO, IMpossible.If the answer is yes, then I would like to publicly ask this moderator to excercise moderiooin in moderation. If the answer is no, then I will provide further documenttion to help oersuade her, the publisher, and whoever else is interested, that the answer is in fact yes. If I am convinced that I am wrong through reasonable debate, I will retract my question publiclyl.

Please bear in mind that while the answer to the quesiton may best remian in your own hearts and heads, rAther than on this thread, it remains a VERY specific question, whose answer has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO THE PERSON IS AND WHETHER YOU LIKE HER OR DON’T, OR EVEN HATE OR LOVE HER IF YOU HAPPEN TO KNOW..

P.Sp.> A note to the PULISHER: I know I contacted you privately about this but numeroius comments to and about me onsite I have since seen have made me feel that I have to make the issue public. I sincerely hope you understnd and apologizefor the awkwrdness of the situation.


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