Der Ewige Jude

First of all let me greet you with my new looks and the new spelling of my name. Circumstances brought about this particular joyful change.

Now, given the current very legitimate concerns of some of the dedicated users of this website about having been infiltrated by outside “impure” elements with hidden agendas, I just wanted to let you know you are not the first to have realized the evil behind this infiltration and to complain about this. Here is a well researched documentary about a similar episode in past history that very much touches on the main issues that the vigilantes among you have already raised and acted upon:…

As you can see, this particular kind of evil infiltration of impurities in otherwise peaceful, lovely and especially talented host communities is nothing new, but rather the newest episode in an otherwise old pattern of behavior.

I hope you accept this little gift from us, the evil infiltrators, as a token of apology for having destroyed the purity of your community and as a sincere peace offering.

Thank you.

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