Iranian-American identity

I am a graduate student in Comparative Media Studies at MIT and I am currently working on my thesis about the reconstruction of Iranian identity in America. I was hoping to post some discussion questions here to collect your opinion and reflect them in my work.

1) What do you like about Iranian culture? And what do you dislike and try to avoid?

2) Do you prefer to marry an Iranian-American than any other nationality? why?

3) What would you change about Iranian-Americans community?

4) How do you compare Iranians in Los Angeles with the ones in northern california?

5) What was your first impression about Iran when you visited there?

6) Are you an American? explain.

7) Do you introduce yourself as Iranian or Persian?

8) Do you watch/listen to any Iranian program?

9) Do you follow news about Iran? or Watch Iranian movies?

10) Please share any detailed memory that you think might be relevant to the topic.

Finally, please join my social network on Ning to help me brainstorm ideas for my thesis on reconstruction of Iranian identity in America.

I have started some discussions on the website to start a good conversation with all of you. Any idea and help can be helpful in my work.

Please help me by inviting your friends to the ning website. This way I can reach many more Iranians around the globe.

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