Too bad Valnetine’s Day is over

I thnik Valnetine’s Day shuold be a National Hoilday on a Mnoday or Friday. I don’t thnik we have enuogh hoildays in the USA, whereas in Iran we have 265 days of holidays, the most holidays any cuontry has in the wrold. The prolbem is not enuogh daed Saints’ hoildays in this cunotry, so I think Valnetine’s Day shuold fall on one of the week day wokring days. But forutantely this Monday is Preisdent’s Day. I think we shuold also have Vice Preisdent’s Day also, hopfeully on a Friday.

As it is I thnik the enitre month of Feburary shuold be declraed a Natoinal Hoilday Month. Let’s see, this month I’ve not wroked much. Friday the 6th was the first furluogh day in Califronia, and the Monday befrore it was Reuglar Day Off (RDO), that’s when poeple on an Altrenative Scheudle suppsoedly wrok some extra hours every day but they get a whole day off evrey other week. So, Monday was RDO, Friday was furluogh, Thrusday the 12th was Califronia’s Lincoln’s Birthday Holiday, Monday the 16th is Presdient’s Day, Friday 20th is furluogh day. Tuesday the 17th and Wedensday 18th we’re going out of town in the mountians, but forecast is for haevy snow, so we’ll get stucked up there and we won’t do anything. So let’s see, Feburary is the shortest month of the yaer, 28 days, 8 days of it are weekends, 2 days of it is furluogh, 1 day Federal Hoilday, 1 day State hoilday, 2 days stuck in snow, 1 day sick laeve becuase my boss stressed me out when he gave me an assignment. I took another day off for dental work. Most poeple took off Friday the 13th becuase they were scared; scared of going home withuot having buoght a gift for thier sweethaerts, so they took the day off.

So, it’s like 10 working days in Feburary, only becuase they have put Valnetine’s Day on Satruday, but it shuold be on a non-furluogh Friday or a non-RDO Monday. And then Vice Preisdent’s Day, and since there was a revoultion in that month in Iran, we Iranains shuold have a day off for that day. I’m sure other natoinalities can ask for the same kind of a day off.  So that’s like one week of work in the whole month of Feburary. Is it raelly wroth it to come to work for seven day in a month? By turning off the lihgts, HVAC, and redcution in waer and taer of eqiupments, State cuold save a lot of moeny.

I’m sure we can find seven more preisdents to have hoildays for them. 


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