I lost a good friend

This is for those of my friends who remember the stories I have written about the accountant friend of mine Robert Reich. six weeks ago sylvia was taken to hospital. cancer had eaten her flesh away and when i saw her she had been reduced to just bones covered by her wrinkly skin. even her lovely blue eyes that were so vibrant only a few weeks earlier looked lifeless. She passed away a few days later. Robert was devastated. he only took two days off and was back to work trying to keep busy and I guess to escape the pain and the loneliness of sylvia’s departure. I attended her funeral service at a local synagogue and an elaborate luncheon that followed at a restaurant. we all missed sylvia.

last week a man who looked remarkably like Robert came to my store and told me that he was Robert’s brother. He then told me that in the morning the day before when crossing the street to get to his car, Robert was struck by a speeding car and was killed instantly. when i heard the news my knees gave way and nearly fell back to the floor. i could not believe that my dear friend robert had so hastily departed to join his wife of more than fifty years. Robert was one of the finest men i have ever met. he was a wise and loving man.

a few days ago i went to the funeral service held for robert. it was a beautiful service and many old and new friends were present. everyone was sad and looking pensive except one person who could not stand still and fidgeted constantly. He had a mischievous grin and he could not hide the twinkles in his eyes. he was none other than the adopted child who had hit and beaten his parents and demanded more money to spend on alcohol and drugs. he was now a very rich man. he looked high with the very thought of all the drugs he could now afford to get. i was disgusted to see him so happy inside that his joy glowed through the cracks of his sham sadness that he so unsuccessfully tried to display. oh man, life sucks.

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