Beloved Dear Friendly IRAN & IRANIANS

Be it Persia or from Aryan
Oldest civilizations began
Of course it will and can
Home to Danial and Dan

People live here with élan
Spirituality’s admirer, fan
Be it an Indian or German
All plants, animals, human
Beloved homeland – IRAN
Liked from China to Japan
Kinder spirits, all kinsmen
All exist – profs to layman

Brave children and man
None remotely nonhuman
Close by is Gulf of Oman
Every resident in its plan

Life is Hadis, Sharia, Quran
Towards Allah they all ran
From ducklings to swan
Be they dark, fair or tan

Find here an Ulsterman
See it travelling in a van
Pious covered woman
Pure souls to examine

All citizens are its yeoman
In its honour, bows zaman

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