Blonde Haired Blue Eyed lost Iranian – looking for relatives

I was reading about the blonde hair/blue eyed Persians and it really hit home.

I am a very tall, brown haired, blue eyed woman.  I had dark blonde hair as a girl.  I grew up in NY and was born in Jan 1965.  I was put up for adoption and never met my mother.  However, she took the time to name me  “Suheyla Ameri”…Growing up in the US as a blue eyed girl, I never realized that the name was Persian until a friend told me.  Nobody would have ever guessed that I had Persian blood because of the stereotypes of what Middle Eastern people should look like.

If anyone has any ideas on how to contact any Iranian relatives (through an organization potentially), Please let me know.  I would love to know about or meet my mother or father.  My e-mail is

my name is Suheyla

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