Simple red dots

Like the weight of frost

On a thin branch,


Simmering water in

A Kettle on hot fire  –


A breaking point shall

Break my torso in half,

Spilling blood splattering

All over on ground.


Don’t cover these red dots

With dirt to sooth me and

My old story of “whatever”

Journey of;


But, plant a seed of patience

On each dot, add water of

Wisdom that elongates in time,

Bless shadow of

Stranger’s smile nourishing

The fragile but lovely thorns.


Come back next season,

Ask sun to step aside

When dots have grown

Onto an army, no longer

Satisfied by the ordinary

Space of this garden.


This “breeze,” may

Dance, sing, or recklessly

Drink the wine of joy,

When fire of heart is hot

In pursuit of life.

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