Bahaism and the British elite (part 1)

From HOSTAGE TO KHOMEINI by Robert Dreyfuss (New Benjamin Franklin House:
New York, 1980) pp.117-118 (Pdf pages 73-74)

…Today the Bahai cult is hated in Iran, and is considered correctly to be an arm of the British Crown. During the destabilization of the Shah in 1978, it was widely reported that in several instances the Bahai cult secretly funded the Khomeini Shi’ite movement. In part, the money would have flowed through the cult’s links to the same international ‘human rights’ organizations, such as Amnesty International, that originally sponsored the anti-Shah movement in Iran. These movements also derive from the “one world” currents associated with the Bahais since the early 1900s. (If any Iranians have been misled on the question of the Bahais by the supposed antipathy of Khomeini’s clique to the Bahais, it should be noted that the Bahai cultists often deliberately encouraged anti-Bahai activities as camouflage)…

Also see pp. 115-116 (Pdf page 72)

See also Robert Dreyfuss’ official website, here.

Also see two declassified British cabinet documents, here.

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